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Dutch Design Week 2015

During the Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven, Van der Kallen exposed on three different locations.

At the International Design Expo the JEAS-tables, the Circle Elemental Composites furniture-kit, the Gouden Ei from restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel and Illuminated Wood were on display.

12107066_765671533555928_3022513959945035005_nStudioSchulteSchultz mud jeans stoeltjes (16 of 16)

The location PLUG-in City experienced an interesting cross-pollination of Van der Kallen’s Circle-furniture and the reused cotton from the company Mudjeans: modular, circular furniture meets modular, circular cloth lining.

People visiting the Circular Economics Foundation’s stand saw a foretaste of an exciting new Circle 2.0.