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Steel and wood

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Circle Elemental Composites represents the human ability to handle – in a flexible and ethically sound way – the most elemental of building blocks. Circle takes us back to the foundation of form, functions and materials. At the mean time Circle invites us into the fascinating future of modular design and circular thinking about the products we use.

A Circle furniture kit consists of metal coupling elements and wooden beams, with which the user can create a wide variety of constructions. A chair, table, couch or cabinet: Circle evokes experimenting with the building blocks to build home-made design furniture. The possibilities are endless.

The basic set comprises ten parts: four metal coupling elements and six wooden beams, everything to assemble and disassemble in a user-friendly fashion. Parts can easily be replaced or added, and users can complete the construction with a unique seat, table leaf or panel of his or her own liking. Moreover the modular elements can be traded and sold (online) between users and construction plans can be shared.

Reaching the end of its life span, the user disassembles the furniture. No waste is left, only a collection of valuable raw materials to use once again. The starting point of Circle then, is in making a circular design. Using materials that leave minimal impact on our environment, used within a product that stands the test of time with great ease. And which results in a product that supplies raw materials that can be readily reused.

Circle presents its modular and circular powers for example in the cooperation with the Mud Jeans company to develop a cloth lining. This company does not sell ethically sound blue jeans, but rents them out and reuses the pants they receive back from their clients. This way a nice, but worn out pair of jeans can end up on the seat of a Circle-chair!

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