I know it can be done


My story starts off with a passion for pure materials. Always beginning with a well thought-out plan: what am I going to use and how am I going to do that? I, Hugo van der Kallen, work from the power of the materials themselves and I like furthermore to create possibilities to reuse these materials. This way I would like to show how one can build the most stylish and surprising products with only the simplest of building blocks.

Inspiration that lasts

The projects exhibited on this website are all about creating innovative products which last. That is my driving force. I think along with my clients and like to go beyond the beaten path. That is where I feel at home. I would like to inspire my product’s users. I want to challenge them to think out of the box and discover a sea of possibilities. The products are always accompanied by a stimulus for change, to take the user along in my world of ideas.

This stream of ideas does not end with the products themselves. Working within a circular economy requires taking the entire environment of a product into consideration. One can use sustainable materials and aim to minimize the waste of course. But more is possible: the conjugation for example of product sales with creating ‘new’ nature, adding recreational and ecological value to our environment. I also like to contribute my thoughts to creating innovative constructions regarding the ownership of products through leasing, renting or repurchasing them.

Van der Kallen is…

The best way to describe myself would be a piece of fertile chaos, full of energy, passion and creativity. Challenges and the purest of materials serve as input. The output consists of always refreshing and stylish products. Robust products, which emit a unique ambiance and which playfully stimulate interaction with the user.

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