Jeas Tables


Granite, Oakwood

Extra informatie

Translucent Granite is used in this furniture


from €1285,-


JEAS is all in one: a beautiful table and exceptional lamp consisting of natural materials combined with modern technology. From a distance the JEAS table stands out because of its stylish Art Nouveau frame and its powerful character. Standing closer, one can see pieces of translucent granite laid in on the upper side of the table legs. Just underneath de round glass tabletop LED-lights, subtly hidden inside these legs, transform the table into a lamp with impressing natural warmth. Then only a personal touch is required to choose the light strength and colour, and thus creating a unique atmosphere.

JEAS-tables are sold in both the United Kingdom and in The Netherlands .

schulteschultz fotografie hugo van der kallen (4 of 9)
schulteschultz fotografie hugo van der kallen (5 of 9)